DIY 4 Tower Kit

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DIY Vertical Hydroponic 4 Tower Kit

  • DIY Vertical hydroponic garden stacks 80 plant sites in a 1' x 9' space!

  • Grow lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, herbs, and flowers in the same containers with the same nutrient recipe!

  • Hydroponics feeds nutrients at optimal times for optimal growth. Plants grow bigger, faster, and healthier when fed hydroponically.

  • Automatic drip irrigation system is set and forget. The automatic timer turns the pump on/off. No more guessing games with watering or worrying about leaving town. Garden from a natural, standing position.

  • No more bending over, tilling, weeding, or ammending the soil. Nutrients & Growing Medium included too! Specifically designed to provide superior nutrition during all stages of growth.

This vertical tower kit installs in the ground and can not be installed in apartments. This DIY vertical hydroponic kit is an urban gardeners dream. The automatic garden system includes everything needed to run by itself. The timer automatically turns the pump on to feed the plants every day at the same time. Changing the nutrient water once a week is the only maintenance needed. Experience why more and more people are making the switch! DIY Kit includes: Submersible water pump, digital timer, Complete Drip irrigation system with valve, Organic coco coir growing medium, and nutrients. There are only 3 components that are needed to COMPLETE this system. Both can be found at any Lowes or Home Depot. You will need (4) 3/4" x 6' conduit emt poles ($12.20 For 4), (4) 1/2" x 18" conduit emt poles ($1.99 For 4), and a 25-50 gallon reservoir or Brute trash can to be used as the water reservoir ($29.97). Total Additional Investment = $44.14. 

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